Why we pride ourselves on providing added value

Apr 2, 2022 | Eyesurvey

As a Colchester based Chartered Surveying Company, we pride ourselves on providing added value

We know that it can be daunting trying to juggle buying a new home in 2022, and this is equally true for both first-time buyers and second-steppers. Services seem to be moving online, removing the human interaction and making all things digital.

However, at Eyesurvey Essex we don’t believe that having an automated service where you speak to a computer and can’t pick up the phone to speak to someone is the best course of action.

We don’t, and will not, simply price any job like a “a box of cornflakes” – each case has an individual free fee surveying quotation, based on a conversation with the client.

If anything, we like to keep everything straightforward and use technology that will benefit our clients not cause more problems.

One of the best tools we have on our side is our Nikon cameras. It might sound simple, but we have provided tens of thousands of images to our clients collectively over the years, all of which have added value to their survey reports. Not to mention, these are likely to have been the make or break reason that a client has not moved forward with a purchase. Visualising concerns can often help with the decision-making process.

You’re probably wondering why we feel so strongly that images are one of our greatest assets during a survey, and there’s three simple reasons why…

1. Provides clarity

In some cases, it can be difficult to explain in layman’s terms an issue with a property, especially if there is technical language involved or if it isn’t a commonly known problem. In this instance, we can take a photo to showcase the problem and then focus our attention on explaining why this is an issue.

For us, it’s all about working with the knowledge of our clients and not just our own knowledge. It’s our function to understand the problem, and then to present it to the clients in a straightforward way so they can understand.

2. A good record of incidents

Having images of your property and the work that needs to be done is always a good thing to have to hand. It allows you to properly record your property which can be beneficial down the line.

It’s especially helpful to us and adds to our site notes when preparing the report.

However, it is also good should you wish to have work carried out to rectify issues, especially if the issue in question has worsened over time. You will be able to provide photo evidence from when you first knew of the problem and therefore provide a timeline from then to the present moment. In turn, you will be able to receive more accurate quotations and feedback from contractors on how much time it will take to rectify and the cost.

3. Provides a dialogue

A visual representation provides a clearer overview than text alone, which also helps to open up dialogue between client and surveyor. Our survey annotations, while in-depth, can only go so far, while an image can help to bolster our notes and invite more questions. We are happy to discuss the report with each client.

Photographic images can also demonstrate points in a way that sometimes cannot be achieved through written communication.

To give our clients peace of mind, we use only high-quality Nikon cameras to ensure our photography gives detail and adds value to our work. We do not use mobile phone cameras, compacts or iPads as we believe they do not offer the same quality that a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) with zoom lenses can. We carry two such cameras with us to each job.

We also know how important it can be for clients to have clear shots, especially in darker areas of the home, such as lofts. That is why we pride ourselves on going the extra mile, with a separately mounted flashgun to be able to identify points of interest that might otherwise be missed by less thorough surveyors. Our kit includes a longer telephoto lens for distant features, a circular polarising filter, and even a “Gorillapod” mini tripod!

We have an app that lets us almost instantly download pictures from the camera to our mobile phone, to be emailed whilst on-site if needed.

We can brighten dark corners in a picture with Photoshop later as well.

We like to think that while we are not on the level of a professional photographer, we can provide worthwhile photographs that give our clients a better understanding of their potential new home. Similarly, we only add photos that we believe will add value, and help a client understand a potential problem that Eyesurvey Chartered Surveyors has uncovered.

Les Long FRICS FISVA Principal, Eyesurvey

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