Our current covid precautions

Apr 1, 2022 | Eyesurvey

We’re still being cautious with COVID to protect our clients and ourselves

Since March 2020, I and many other Chartered Surveyors near me have taken precautions to ensure that we can offer a COVID-safe service. Following the advice from RICS, which closely monitors developments, and continuing to update the way we carry out our surveys has meant we have continued entering people’s homes in a safe manner and lessened the risk of transmission.

Even now, as we ‘live with COVID’ and the government guidelines have relaxed to allow the public to continue to live their lives in as normal a fashion as possible, we still implement safety precautions to restrict the potential spread of COVID-19.

We plan to do this until further notice for the benefit of our employees and our clients. It is our top priority to respect their wishes and to consider their health and safety during this time. In order to do this, there are several steps we’re taking which I will outline for you below to ensure you are aware of how we are working at this time and for the foreseeable future.

For when a property is occupied:

If a property is occupied, we do ask that owners/occupiers not be present if possible as this lessens health risks for both employees and occupiers.

Of course, we understand that might not be possible and, in that instance, we take the following measures.

Mask, gloves and disinfectant
We will continue to wear masks and surgical gloves during home visits, as well as use antibacterial/ antiviral sprays and wipes before, during and as we leave the premises. This is to avoid further infection risks during a survey.

Following each survey, we wipe down any tools, pen and mobile phone we use to limit spread between locations. Similarly, our vehicles are disinfected each time. Car handles, controls, the steering wheel and footwell mats are cleaned during this process.

Our employees shower and change clothes daily or after every job, as appropriate.

For when a property is vacant:

If a property is vacant and unoccupied, this does give less cause for concern, however we do still follow the same rules for masks, gloves and disinfecting in continuing to protect the well-being of our employees.

RICS guidelines

There are many RICS guidelines in place that we also adhere to for the peace of mind of clients and reduce risks associated with COVID-19 These include, but are not limited to:

Restricting contact with the people within the household if they are present during the inspection.

Standing side-by-side opposed to front on if necessary to stand within close proximity of people.

Where possible, go directly from home to work and then home, to limit contact before and after a survey.

Wash hands as often as possible with soap, use hand sanitiser or antiviral wet wipes. Wash hands for 20 seconds if possible, before and after going to a property.

Do not shake hands or use hands throughout a property unless wearing gloves. Use knuckles for light switches and buttons in the unlikely event that you do not have gloves.

Cough or sneeze into disposable towels or tissues and throw them away.

Immediately wash hands once disposable gloves have been removed, when possible.

Use common sense when interacting with someone and when entering their home and other buildings.

If you are in doubt about the services we provide and the safety measures we have in place, or would like further information, we are happy to discuss this with you prior to your survey or valuation.

Les Long FRICS FISVA Principal, Eyesurvey

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