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An Essex and Suffolk homebuyer’s survey allows you to get the correct value of your property but with many factors to evaluate the whole process can seem very daunting. The value of the property can depend on where it is located, the travel links, the school district and the age of your house. Our team have carried out hundreds of these property surveys in Essex, Suffolk and other home counties, so know exactly what to look for and will ensure you receive the right price for your property. It is just one of the many things our team can do to make the process of buying a property run smoother for you.  


House prices can be affected by seasons, the economy and dare we say it, politics too! And can change numerous times within a couple of months so no wonder selling a property is a difficult task.

 With the use of our expert knowledge an accurate valuation will be carried out whilst making sure these factors are all taken into account so you can be assured your valuation is correct and reliable. Local knowledge is key to providing a reliable valuation. 

At Eyesurvey we always have our finger on the property price pulse, Please call us to arrange an appointment.




Is it a leaky pipe or something more?

Overlooking small discrepancies in a house is a common occurrence, whether you are buying a house for the fourth time or the first. That is why it is always best to have a Building Survey or Condition Report carried out so the entire house is looked over and not a single detail is missed out. This way you are able to sort out any problems before you either move into the property or make an offer. Some issues can worsen overtime and as a result costs you more money.


It doesn’t matter if you are downsizing, buying a property for business purposes or are a first-time buyer it is always difficult to decide on which survey would be best to carry out. Now that property prices have spiked again many people overpay for a comprehensive survey when that money could be used for something else. However, you do not want a cheaper survey that misses out a fault within the property that later causes you problems. To help our customers with this there are three main surveys that our company carry out, the details for each are listed below.

1. RICS Condition Report


Based on a traffic light system, the RICS condition report focuses on the condition of the property only and flags up any areas that need attention. It does not give advice or a valuation.


Suitable for: Fairly recently built, small properties, such as new builds or conventional homes in good condition that you're not planning to do any extensive work to.


2. RICS Homebuyer Report


The RICS Homebuyer report is more detailed and gives you a valuation of the property. It includes an extensive inspection and highlights defects or anything which may affect the property's value with the traffic lights system, but the Homebuyer report doesn't look beyond the floor coverings, boards or behind the wall finishes, but does give advice on further inspections or investigations needed. Does include loft areas, damp checks, any signs of building movement found.


Suitable for: Most conventional properties built around 1900 onwards, in a reasonable condition and/ or on which you are considering small scale alterations but does not include advice on the alterations or extensions to be made.

3. RICS Building Survey


The RICS building survey gives an extensive inspection of the property condition including detailed information about the fabric of the property and its structure. The report also includes descriptions of visible defects and warns of potential hidden flaws together with an outline of additional investigations and repair options. 


Suitable for: Unusual, older or non-traditional buildings or those that have been significantly altered. Buildings that are conventional but in poor condition or that you are planning major alterations to - but does not include advice on the alterations or extensions to be made. If you are unsure if a Building Survey is what you need, please ask.

Below is an at-a-glance feature list to consider when choosing your report:

Do I really need a survey?


Of course, you could purchase a property without carrying out a survey, but may later find out the entire roof needs a complete rebuild, landing you with a bill of around £15,000. Consequently, once contracts have been exchanged, the vendor is then no longer liable. If you are paying £400,000-500,000+ for you next home, would you risk not having a survey carried out for the sake of around £500? It really isn't advisable.

Home Buyers should not always be advised to pay for a “full” Building Survey – some limits on inspection always exist, including what the property owners will allow or make possible, so no survey can ever truly be “full”. It is incorrect and misleading to suggest otherwise.


The extent of what is, and what is not, normally done in each case must be explained. That must be made clear in the written Terms & Conditions of Engagement, provided before the job is accepted and the inspection carried out.

If some otherwise usual part of the inspection is not found practical or safe to do, it must be made clear to the client. It will not normally be appropriate in the case of a new or very recent building to advise that a Building Survey is the right format to be carried out.


A Homebuyers survey is the most basic survey we provide to assess a property for sale or purchase. We would normally only recommend this on new builds. A full building survey is always the better option as it will give peace of mind, is more thorough in its content and mortgage lenders may insist on this level of detail. It can also show up any issues that may affect the selling price. Our team can help you decide which survey is best for your needs.

Homebuyers' Survey News

A home buyers’ survey or homebuyers’ report as it is often referred to will tell you about any obvious major problems with the house such as rot, damp or subsidence etc. 


A home buyers’ survey includes a valuation of the property and a reinstatement value for insurance purposes. With this type of survey, the inspection is non-intrusive and non-destructive. It is a visual inspection which means no drilling holes, looking under floor coverings or moving furniture etc.

When buying any property there are so many minor aspects that need to be covered and most of the time they tend to be overlooked. Our team carry out Homebuyers Surveys on properties that have been recently built or are considered to be a ‘standard property’. Older properties will need to be assessed first and then a survey will be offered to you which applies best, so you are sure to receive all the information you need to you can move forward in purchasing the property.

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